Buy Miles ZX40 Electric Car For Sale

The Miles ZX40 is a NEV, which stands for Neighborhood Electric Vehicle that is made by Miles.  They also call these LSV, which stand for low speed vehicle, as they normally top out around 25 mph. There are a few of these cars already on the used car market and some can even be found for sale on eBay.  Miles ZX40 is a 4-passenger car, that has front and rear window defrosters and wipers, comes with am/fm/cd player and a built-in charging cord. A car only a couple of years old was recently for sale on eBay at a bid of $8500, but the MSRP was around $14,000.

Miles Electric Cars is a company that was founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Miles Rubin to develop a green solution for a low speed NEV, that produced low or no emission, and used no gas power. They have since developed and sold a product line and now have a development car Miles XS500 protype sedan, that will have speeds topping 80 mph and travel over 120 miles on a single charge-for about the cost of a gallon of gasoline, as their website states.

Mile Rubin began the company by basing the operations out of China, where the battery industry had expert manufacturing experience.  His goal was to start a company that could import cars to the United States that were fuel efficient, environmentally friendly, and offered an alternative fuel vehicle choice to consumers because of the gas powered fuel volatility.

The other officers of the company, Kevin Czinger, President and CEO and Kevin Kiley, Sr. Vice President, lend their expertise by working with their partners and negotiating with key supply sources in the Chinese market, to keep the cost in line with United States consumer expectations.

Miles Electric Cars offers low speed NEV models that offer 4 doors, and have options and look like a mini SUV, with the new model Miles ZX40S Advanced Design Car going for a MSRP of $18,000, it is in line with many compact gas powered vehicles, yet is powered with fuel cell rechargeable batteries, that can go 25 mile per hour for up to 50 miles trip duration.

Miles Electric Car Company offers fleet discounts for commercial use LSV’s that can cut your fuel costs by 75%, maintenance costs by 90%, (as electric cars have fewer moving parts than gas powered vehicles), and are much cleaner running and a good way to take your company delivery vehicles green. Some current fleet customers include Stanford and Yale Universities, the National Park Service, NASA, and UCLA.

While the top speed of 25 mph, limits the electric car to suburban streets, versus interstate travel, the savings in fuel expense make it a worthwhile option for in town travel to work, the bank or store, and neighborhood errands, or dropping the kids off after school. With a 50-mile range, it would need to be charged for multiple trips.  Even if used as a second car, the fuel savings would pay for the electric car in a few short years.

Miles Electric Cars also makes a small cargo hauling type vehicle, the ZX40ST Work Truck, also listed as a LSV, but would handle in-town deliveries with ease, and would be more than suitable for this purpose. It has a flat-bed truck appearance, with a 7’5” length cargo capacity; it makes it ideal for resorts, parks and recreation vehicles, airports or municipal facilities, where the 25-mpg speed is sufficient for a work truck.

Miles Electric Cars has been in the industry now for over 4 years and has vehicles in operation.  Many people do not realize that alternative fuel vehicles have actually been for sale on a consistent basis, with so many cries for finding alternative fuel options.  Miles has already been producing and selling with reliability and a distributor network for sales and service, and is able to produce fleets for uses that can save a lot of fuel expense. 

Many of the fleets in operation are for short, stop and go trips and errands or deliveries, and these types of trips can burn the most fuel in a gas-powered motor.  Miles has already got some vehicles available on the resale market, and a used electric vehicle is a great opportunity to get one and see if you can put it to use to save on your fuel expense.